The Company
  Now a world-class brand in the premium confectionery industry, Bateel started with a simple concept, offering
a unique range of high quality products to a
well-defined market segment in an upscale and
elegant retail environment. The concept was also unique, offering a selection of products not available from any other source. Bateel’s strong appeal to consumers in various target market segments is based on our strategy and ability to consistantly develop and produce the highest quality products and maintain an innovative merchandising and distribution system.


The Company

Bateel Dates
Bateel Chocolates
Bateel’s success is anchored on a strong production
and marketing organization, which is vertically integrated and includes farming, processing, manufacturing, and premium retailing functions. Bateel now specialises in the production and distribution of a complete range of dates, and date and non-date gourmet confectioneries. The company is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a regional office in Dubai, UAE and employs over three hundred people.

  Date Farm
    Using state-of-the-art farming technologies in its own extensive date groves, Bateel produces over 20 varieties of dates in balah, rhutab, tamr and maknooz forms. Bateel date selections include the famed Sokari, Khidri, Kholas, Naboot Seif and other important varieties. Because of its unique farming and processing methods, Bateel date quality exceeds the strict quality standards for exporting dates to the U.S.
Date Processing Plant
    Bateel owns and operates a date processing plant, which cleans, grades, packs and stores the dates in a specially controlled environment designed to maintain the products in ideal form for consumption. The plant
has been awarded the coveted SASO award for excellence. Both the farms and processing plants are located in Alghat, Saudi Arabia a region well known for its ideal soil and climate for growing dates.

Chocolate Factory
    Bateel owns and operates the only factory in the
Middle East that specilises in the production of gourmet chocolates. The plant is located in Riyadh and produces a full range of pralines, chocolate truffles a unique
range of date-based chocolates, pastries, jams and other date products for Bateel retail outlets.

Bateel-Jordan, 2008.